AppGallery Code 2021: Introducing the Tools category

The portal in cooperation with Huawei announces the first year of the AppGallery Code 2021 competition – a nationwide competition for the best Slovak applications from Huawei AppGallery. In the introductory year, 64 applications in 6 categories were put to the vote.

In this article, we will briefly introduce the Slovak applications from the Huawei AppGallery offer nominated in the Tools category. In total, 7 interesting applications are applying for your favor, which will help you with various tasks with their special style.

You now have a challenging task ahead of you. From the list of these great apps, choose the one favorite that represents the best from your point of view. A successful helper, which should simply not be missing on your smartphone.

QR Code Reader and Scanner for Android

Working with QR codes is not very difficult. At least as far as their scanning is concerned. Many modern smartphones are used to dealing with this directly through the built-in Camera application, but this solution can be quite rough.


In addition, scanning QR codes is one thing, but creating them is something else entirely. The QR Code Reader and Scanner for Android application has both of these tasks at its fingertips. And that’s not all he can do. The world of QR codes with it will be a friendly place.

Screen Lamp & Flashlight Tool

The smartphone is a great helper, no doubt about it. It can do a lot, you can even use it as a flashlight to illuminate on the road if necessary. It is this task that moves the Screen Lamp & Flashlight Tool application to new realms.


It’s not just simple lighting, it also combines it with a world of relaxation. You can also set up pleasant lighting here, accompanied by relaxing music.

Christmas Gift List 2021

Buying Christmas presents no longer has to be a time of complicated planning and constantly checking the list to see if you have forgotten something or someone. Just reach for an effective helper in the form of the Christmas Gift List 2021 application.


You can create a list of people you want to donate directly on your smartphone, you can add a planned budget, save your ideas and you can even keep direct links to e-shops here. And that’s not all, of course.

X-plore File Manager

An advanced file manager that handles an incredible amount. Managing the files and the contents of your smartphone’s storage in general couldn’t be better.


X-plore File Manager has been very popular for a long time, and only when you try it on your own will you find out why it is so. You will have the entire content of your smartphone in the palm of your hand.

“A detailed file manager with the ability to add almost any external service or storage, including OneDrive, Dropbox and even Google Drive. For advanced users with the option to purchase selected premium services (eg WiFi file sharing and PDF viewer). It is paid with a symbolic beer as a reward for a skilled developer. I sincerely recommend. “

Dávid Liška, HMS Ecosystem Leader, Huawei Slovakia

Simple Calendar – Easy Events & Reminders Manager

You may say that you still have the calendar pre-installed on your smartphone and you don’t need any other applications. This may be true in essence, but if you gave Simple Calendar – Easy Events & Reminders Manager a chance, you would quickly find out that this is a calendar with a capital K.


Simple, efficient, clear and unnecessary. He can handle everything he has, but he doesn’t go to any extremes. Exactly as a calendar should be in digital form.

Simple Contacts – Manage & access contacts easily

Contact management is one of those tasks that can very easily slip into annoying and over-combined activities. However, this does not happen easily with Simple Contacts – Manage & access contacts.


It is based on simple and proven principles that the application should make things easier for its user, not complicate it. And that’s exactly what it brings to the table.

Simple Gallery – Photo and Video Manager & Editor

We tend to store a lot of photos on smartphones. Some capture our favorite memories, others capture important information. They are used to the fact that they do not want to lose them. With the growing number of photos, we may get into a situation where the functions of the pre-installed application will no longer suffice.


Then the Simple Gallery – Photo and Video Manager & Editor application can serve very well. It really brings a lot. From extensive format support, through efficient editing options, to sorting, protecting or even recovering deleted photos. And the list of its possibilities does not end there…

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