APPart Podcast # 2: Jibbe is 16 and crazy about smartphones and tech

In APPart we investigate what our smartphone can teach us about our personality and in the second week we looked at the sixteen-year-old violence – well, he is very nice – Jibbe Schiettecatte. What does Jibbe’s phone, apps and social media use reveal about himself?

APPart Episode 2

Nothing or nobody is as close to ourselves today as our smartphones. They are incredibly important tools that we completely personalize and each use in a unique way. So our phones know more about us than our friends, partners, family.

Last month Androidworld kicked off a new podcast series APPart in which we get all the way into our guests’ phones. We take a look at the type of phone, some notable apps and people he or she follows on social media. Afterwards we come up with an irrevocable verdict in which we analyze the character traits and characteristics. or at least we try to. This time our victim was 16-year-old Jibbe Schiettecatte. He loves technology and has already tested a phone for the AW Beta Team.

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