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App Store: Apple drops commission to 15% now for some developers

Apple has started lowering its commission to 15% instead of 30% at the app store level. The change was originally supposed to take place on January 1, 2021. And yet, some developers are already seeing the decline.

David Hodge, who develops the Nikola application, sharing a screenshot of iTunes Connect. He says Apple now pays him $ 8.50 for every $ 9.99 purchase, up from $ 7 previously. We are talking about 15% commission now.

It’s a similar situation for Jacob Gorban, developer of the ImageFramer application on Mac. He shares a screenshot where we see that the commission has increased to 15%.

All developers can join Apple’s Small Business Program and see the commission drop to 15%. The condition to be respected is that the annual turnover must not exceed 1 million dollars. If so, then the developer is left with a 30% commission.

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