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Apology for Cyberpunk, EA buys Codemasters studio, escapes Resident Evil Village and Poldy 7 demo »Vortex

The new week started, as if perhaps no Christmas should come this year. Pretty hot. EA transferred at the last minute Take-Twom it seems. The authors of Cyberpunk pour ashes on their heads due to the console versions. Capcom missed the new Resident Evil and Medal of Honor for VR did not do well. The job books themselves. So at least that Cop will please us with a demo version.

List of topics

01:06 – Codemasters is eventually to acquire giant EA. $ 1.2 billion deal. Electronic Arts offered an even higher offer than Take-Two Interactive

08:00 – Cyberpunk 2077: money back, apology for bugs, developer bonuses, record Steam and other fixes

17:01 – Demo of the Czech adventure Polda 7 is just around the corner. Take a look at the first pictures from the trial version. It will hide the secret motto for the competition

21:42 – Resident Evil Village escaped in the working version to the public. This revealed all the details about the story, the individual characters and the entire final of the game

26:27 – Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond for VR doesn’t get exactly flattering first marks. Players complain mainly about the technical side

32:43 – More details about the new Mass Effect. A number of veterans are joining the development, and the continuation could follow Andromeda

36:35 – PlayStation Studios boss gets caught with PlayStation 5 upside down

40:12 – The story survival sci-fi horror film The Callisto Protocol will eventually have a connection with PUBG. His enemies will respond to the noise

43:28 – Play The Elder Scrolls on Twitter. An adventure in the style of classic textbooks can entice you on a great expedition

48:34 – Porting Ori to Switch required a lot of effort. People from Moon Studios describe what they had to adjust. Originally, the game only ran at 24 fps

52:50 – Batman: Arkham Asylum could be released on Nintendo DS. Watch a video from the newly leaked prototype, or try it yourself

55:53 – Movie and TV window. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will not be an adaptation of the game, Henry Cavill was injured while shooting The Sorcerer and other details about the animated series Ark

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