Criminals are always coming up with new tricks to steal money from their victims. WhatsApp is a particularly popular playing field. The police are now asking for the help of WhatsApp users. With a status they can put a spanner in the works for the crooks.

WhatsApp is the Messenger favorite of the Germans. Hardly anyone who doesn’t have the news app on their cell phone. Its popularity also makes WhatsApp a target for criminals. Their creativity knows no bounds, the crooks look for new victims with increasingly nasty tricks. The police know that too and are now setting up active help of WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp users should warn each other about scams

They should warn each other about a current scam, the so-called “Hello Mom, Hello Dad” variant. This is a modern form of the grandchild trick. Here, criminals pretend to be their own children and pretend they have a new cell phone number. With a made-up story, the scammers then try to steal money from their victims.

Police are asking WhatsApp users to help warn of scams. (Image source: Police Crime Prevention)

Before this scam WhatsApp users should now warn themselves, so the idea of ​​the police. Special warning images (see above) were designed for this purpose, which WhatsApp users should set in their status. So you should warn family, friends and the wider environment of the new grandchild trick variant (source: Police Crime Prevention).

There are also a lot of alternatives to WhatsApp:

Five new features for WhatsApp Status

The WhatsApp status itself has recently been given five new functions. For example, it is now possible to select a private audience for your own status. Only this can then also see the status. And also a language status is now available. 30-second voice messages can be shared using the status function.