Phil Spencer, as Xbox boss, has spoken out with an unusual demand: Anyone who is found to be toxic or cheating on Xbox Live should also be banned from the PlayStation Network across all platforms. Nice and honest players should help.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Boss: Ban Toxic Gamblers Everywhere

In an interview with the New York Times, Phil Spencer presented an idea to make online games more friendly. If players simply don’t want to behave or use cheats, then they should no longer just fly out of their own network as before. Instead, they should be the same Disappear from the scene across all platforms, so his idea.

In practice it could look like a toxic gamer who is uncomfortably noticeable on Xbox Life several times, is no longer welcome on Sony’s PlayStation Network either. If Nintendo should join in with the idea, there would be no admission to the Nintendo Switch either.

Putting the idea into practice should be difficult, as the Xbox boss himself admits in an interview. Such a one Cooperation between competitors Microsoft and Sony would be new territory, even if both online platforms would ultimately benefit. Data protection is also likely to be a problem, at least in the EU.

Everything about the Xbox Series S / X can be found here in the video:

Xbox Live: Players should help clean up

Spencer also has another idea to make Xbox Live a better place. Players themselves should, according to him create a kind of blacklist with other playersthat they prefer not to encounter on Xbox Live due to toxic behavior. These lists should then be stored directly in the Xbox Live system. If names appear more frequently, there could be a risk of being sacked (source: New York Times).