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Antoine Griezmann breaks contract with Huawei over suspicion of spying on Uyghurs

A new controversy has hit Huawei hard in recent days. The brand has lost its muse Antoine Griezmann. Suspicions of participation in the repressions against the Uyghurs.

According to an article written by the Washington Post, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei is involved in the creation of facial recognition development technology. The goal would have been to support the start-up Megvii in an application allowing to determine the age, the sex as well as the ethnic origin of a person. The software provided “Uyghur presence alerts”. In response to this, the brand’s main ambassador in Europe, Antoine Griezmann has ceased his collaboration with Huawei, urging the latter to take action. Charges defended by the Chinese brand in a press release.

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Antoine Griezmann invites Huawei to take a clear position on the issue of Human and Women’s rights

The situation of the Chinese manufacturer is not good in the West. Handicapped by heavy sanctions from the United States which prevents the brand from exploiting Android, new controversies have come to cluster around it. Accusations from a Washington Post paper suggest that Huawei helped develop facial recognition technology in Chinese territory. The aim was to provide alerts of a Uyghur presence. The manufacturer through the voice of its spokesperson in France firmly denies any involvement by this press release sent to several sites.

“We do not develop algorithms or applications in the field of facial recognition but only general purpose technologies which are based on international standards for machine learning and artificial intelligence. “

The damage is done, however, since Antoine Griezmann has withdrawn from his contract with the brand. Through a message relayed on its various social networks, and asks Huawei to take concrete actions to condemn the mass repression against this community.

Source: Washington post

Antoine Griezmann breaks contract with Huawei over suspicion of spying on Uyghurs

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