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In connection with the FromSoftware studio, fans are declining only one game these days – Elden Ring. The expected event seems to build on the legacy of famous developers in style and give them what they want from the release of Sekira. However, Elden Ring is not the only project that is created in FromSoftware and thanks to the leak a lot interesting questionnaires we have reason to believe that the next game may be Armored Core 6. It was brought about by a contributor to the Resetera forum nicknamed Red Liquorice and shared with others the text part of the FromSoftware survey, which he said should be supplemented with several screenshots and short videos presenting the new era of popular mecha action.

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“I just finished researching about the new Armored Core game with a description, screenshots and two 30-second videos from the game – the first is a boss fight, the second is a view of the game world, specifically the snowy area,” Red Liquorice wrote a few hours ago. FromSoftware projects are being addressed. “The screenshots have a unique watermark, so it’s probably not a good idea to publish them, but I’ve made at least a screenshot of the text description for you,” explains why – at least for now – he’ll just talk about the pictures and not show them to anyone else. On the other hand, the textual description in this case also serves its purpose more than well, and it must be admitted that no one in the discussion has yet doubted that Red Liquorice would not present credible information. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the report cannot yet be considered official, and as a result, even such a credible list of features may prove to be false.

What is probably even more important for the fans, the design of the game is to be the fault of Hidetaka Miyazaki, who is to sign the elaboration of the rough story and the world of the game decimated by the global catastrophe.

However, according to the description, it turns out that the next part of Armored Core will not experiment in any way – it is a third person action in which players will control giant walking tanks on maps scattered around the unique sci-fi world. “You will stand up to strong enemies and in intense battles you will use ranged and melee attacks with the help of firearms and blades,” adds the available description of the basic concept of the game. What is probably even more important for the fans, the design of the game is to be the fault of Hidetaka Miyazaki, who is to sign the elaboration of the rough story and the world of the game decimated by the global catastrophe. “On a massive three-dimensional map, you’ll understand the extent of this world mecha. The varied offer of locations will present a number of strong enemies and carefully prepared situations, in which it will make sense to embark again and again, “says the text accompanying the questionnaire. In the following points, the way of fighting is mentioned again – ie near and far, the developers also underline the need to apply tactical procedures before the hasty action and do not forget about the wide possibilities of modifying the walking fighting machine so that the way of playing suits everyone.

Nothing else can be read from Red Liquorice’s original post, but the obviously avid FromSoftware fan was quite willing to answer some of the questions that arose under his post, revealing, for example, that in his opinion the game was more effective than explicitly artistic. However, he has no doubt that FromSoftware artists don’t care, but he apologizes for the fact that he himself is not a big fan of mecha events. “I wasn’t particularly impressed with the graphics, but it certainly doesn’t look like it was from the last generation. Remember that when we first saw the Elden Ring, we somehow did they knewthat it is an intergenerational title? So I didn’t have that feeling this time, “added Red Liquorice, reminding him that he usually doesn’t care so much about graphics, so maybe he can’t judge the technical part very well.

Sére Armored Core

Although FromSoftware developers have been focusing almost exclusively on the soulslike genre lately, their history is much more varied. And it also includes the Armored Core series, which they started in 1997 with the title of the same name for the original PlayStation. Although the game was not one of the best rated in its year, it laid a very solid foundation for further reprimands and spin-offs. At the heart of the game are tough moss battles, often one-on-one, nimble gameplay, and usually a very uncomfortable environment in which the fights take place. The last part of the main series was released ten years ago for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and was sung especially in Japan. Although he received above-average marks in the rest of the world, the fatigue of the whole concept and the desire of FromSoftware to devote itself to other series were already known on the game. But after such a long time, the developers have a clean slate, and if it’s true that Hidetaka Miyazaki is involved in the sixth episode – who didn’t directly interfere with the development of the five – it could be a slightly different matter, better suited to the tastes of current studio fans.

On the contrary, what he talked about in more detail was a demonstration of a fight with the boss, which he saw in the questionnaire. She worked on him soulsovskywhen the player started shelling the enemy from a distance, and then approached and attacked at close range. “Speed ​​and movement were very similar to consonant style. I suspect that the boss had a domed head and was bigger than the player, but not so huge. If I had to guess, I would say it was one of the first Asylum or Taurus bosses. [z Dark Souls]”Red Liquorice revealed, and in another answer he specified that the duel really resembled Dark Souls rather than Sekiro. Therefore, it can be expected that it will be a bit slower than the last title of the studio, but the author of the original article himself later rather rejected that the next Armored Core should simply be Dark Souls in space and, along with others, he believes the game will be different from the usual recent FromSoftware production.

We will have to wait to see how the whole thing turns out and whether the information about Armored Core 6 is true, but the foreign media has already contacted the publishers from Bandai Namco and the developers themselves and we will see if there will be any reaction or a straightforward announcement.

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