Androidworld wishes everyone a fantastic 2021!

We will soon leave 2020 for what it is, and usher in the new 2021 with a small but nice group. Time to look back, but especially to look ahead.

Chaos in 2020

2020 has been a busy year for Androidworld and a chaotic one for Android. Thanks to the corona pandemic, the entire annual plan for such manufacturers and therefore also for Androidworld fell to pieces. The Mobile World Congress, for which we had already reserved hotels and tickets, was canceled. The other fairs, such as the large IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, were also canceled. Only editor Jeffrey has been on the road for Androidworld to a small, modified version of the IFA this year. The collapse of the stock exchanges and corona also shattered the planning of the usual smartphone announcements. Most phones launched earlier or later than usual (and our vacations weren’t geared up for that, stress!).

Google launched the Pixel 5 in September instead of October

New website and app

After most of the big announcements were made, we moved to a new website and app. That was not entirely without a struggle, but the result is impressive. We have a website with a refreshing new design and more features including the brand new AW Community. There are many more new functions, but we save them for 2021. New functions and a new refreshing design can also be found in our completely new Androidworld app (dark mode for the app is on the way). Have you not installed our app yet? Then you can download AW Reader here. We also appreciate if you leave an honest review for us in the Play Store.

Androidworld wishes everyone a fantastic 2021!

Top lists and overviews

Claudia, Jeffrey and Sebastien from Androidworld have nominated their favorite device of 2020 in a different category every day for the past week. You then voted for one of these nominees. The first results in the headphones and smart home products category have already been received and the results of the best smartwatch and the best smartphone of 2020 will follow in the coming days. In the meantime you can read the 10 best-read articles of 2020 on Androidworld (the 10 best read reviews will follow this weekend) and see if Sebastien’s 10 predicted trends for phones in 2020 have come true.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

No Androidworld without you, so we would like to thank everyone for reading, responding, e-mailing, tipping and sharing on, around and with the people behind Androidworld. We also want to thank everyone involved in Androidworld, such as the forum mods Patrick and Niels, all our tipsters and volunteers.

On behalf of everyone at Androidworld, we wish you a great New Year and that all your (Android) dreams come true in 2021.

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Androidworld wishes everyone a fantastic 2021!

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