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Androidworld visitors are especially looking forward to Samsung Galaxy S22

Is it because it will be one of the first phone launches of this year? Or is it because the successor to the most popular phone of 2021 must be good? In any case, according to our visitors, Samsung Galaxy S22 is the phone that is eagerly anticipated this year. With the new Pixel in close second.

Most Popular Phone of 2022

We have seen rumors about different devices and it is therefore rumored which phones we have all nominated in our AW Poll. The result is clear: with 31 percent, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 is by far the Android phone we are most looking forward to. This is followed by the successor of the Google Pixel 6 with 12 percent and OnePlus 10 with 11 percent.

What is also striking is that a lot of people are no longer in the market for the high-end devices. They prefer to leave the showpieces of today, because they can do everything they want to do on a phone on a midrange. 12 percent therefore say: ‘Flagships are not for me, show me more midrange telephones’.

Samsung Galaxy S22, Google Pixel and OnePlus 10

Most of the smartphones we mention have been chosen by at least someone in this poll. For the successor to ASUS ZenFone 8, the successor to Motorola Edge 20, the successor to Nokia X20, the successor to Oppo Find X3, the Sony Xperia Pro-I, Realme GT 2, the successor to Poco F4, Oppo Find N, the successor to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the successor to Motorola Razr 5G and the successor to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, 0.59 to 3.59 percent of the respondents said: I’m looking forward to this. 8 percent are looking forward to Xiaomi 12 and 4 percent choose ‘other’.

In short, the top 3 phones that we are all most looking forward to for 2022 are as follows: Samsung Galaxy S22, the Google Pixel successor and OnePlus 10, with Xiaomi 12 in fourth place.

AW Poll: Androidworld visitors are especially looking forward to Samsung Galaxy S22

Still happy with OnePlus 7 Pro

Karel-willem doesn’t really understand the hype around those phones, because he’s very satisfied with his own OnePlus 7 Pro: “As long as nothing serious new comes out without a notch, selfie camera hole, etc., that’s also the phone for 2022, 23, 24….” Edwin1 agrees: “I still have the 7 pro too. He is doing great and there is nothing more beautiful with all those holes.😊”

roel_wubbolts is ready for another phone and has already set his eye on the Samsung Galaxy S22: “Hopefully the camera is a lot better this time because that of the S20 is complete! Still much too early for a fragile folding telephone…let it be completely ‘foldless’ first.” Yeah, I can’t beat that pun better. Until the next AW poll!

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