Android TV users are furious. Google picked it up

The American giant Google has burned himself nicely while performing its routine activities. The company, built on the sale of advertising and the collection of large amounts of data for its high efficiency, came across users of the Android TV environment. Google has started in some regions display ads on your TV environment, which, of course, a lot of people took very hard. Placing advertising space in a service that customers have basically already paid for has led to extremely low rating of the Android TV Home application. That is, a tool that is the home screen of Android TV.

There are currently nearly seven hundred outraged and one-star reviews in the Play Store. Their authors are mostly users of NVIDIA SHIELD devices. But, for example, the owners of Sony smart TVs have also joined. You should probably never have a reason to look for the Android TV Home application and it is also not extra visible or available, its current rating is very big exclamation mark directed against Google. But it is probably not possible to assume that he would turn off the ads on Android TV.

Would you bite the ads on the Android TV main screen?

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