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Android security update December 2020 rolls out for Google Pixels

Google is a bit late this round, but the December security update is now rolling out for several Google Pixel smartphones. Manufacturer Samsung was faster, because the update previously rolled out for several of its smartphones.

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Android security update decemer 2020 now available

It’s already the second week of December and Google has now started rolling out this month’s security patch. You can download it on various Pixel smartphones of the company. The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL no longer receive updates, those devices are simply too old. If you have a newer Google Pixel, you can still go ahead.

The December patch is now ready for the:

The update is rolling out in phases, so it may take a while before you get the notification that it is ready. Of course you can also manually check whether the patch can already be downloaded. For this you use the step-by-step plan below:

  1. Dive into the phone’s settings;
  2. Choose ‘Advanced’;
  3. Click on ‘System update’;
  4. Tap ‘Check for update’.

Are you still not notified about the update? Then try again in a few days, checking every hour is of little or no use.

No Google Pixel, but curious about the update?

Not in the business of a Google Pixel, but an Android smartphone from another manufacturer? Whether and when you can download this this December update is still the question. Various manufacturers are always quite quick with this, including Samsung. For example, the December patch can already be downloaded on the Galaxy S20 series and the S10 and Note 10 family.

Manufacturers that also roll out updates fairly quickly include OnePlus and Nokia. Various Android One devices from Motorola also receive updates fairly quickly. If you have a device from Xiaomi or Huawei, for example, it usually takes a little longer. Such monthly updates can also be bundled. As a result, you will not receive an update every month, but once per quarter, for example.

Curious until when your device will receive security updates anyway? Then check; Overview: This is how long your Android smartphone will receive security updates

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