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Android Planet Advent Calendar 2020: The Complete Overview

In this overview you can read all about the Android Planet-advent calendar of 2020. You can check the calendar here, which promotions are running and the winners of all prizes. You can also view all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this big giveaway here.

Android Planet Advent Calendar 2020

It is December again and that means that this year we have another big Advent calendar giveaway! From December 1 to 24 at Android Planet you can win all kinds of great prizes. We are going to be even bigger than last year and that means that this time again you have a chance to win dozens of gifts.

What exactly you can gain on every workday we will of course keep a secret for a while, but keep an eye on the calendar below. Every working day a box opens there …

Win the Google Nest Audio!




Enjoy a bigger screen …



Still a few great prizes to go



The last prize of the week is…



What is the price, just before the weekend?



Something cool and robust for everyone



No fireworks this year? Certainly!



Creepy yes, or not?



Chance of a goodie package from …



Thanks in advance but what you want to buy!



Great for websites, movies and photos …



#Fitgirl #Fitboy #WorkOut #Activity



You keep getting smarter and smarter



That sounds like music to the ears



I would like to win it!



Just think about that!



Lightweight or powerhouse?



The second to last prize

How many prizes are you giving away?

From December 1 to 24 we open every workday a box, which means that we will give away at least 18 prizes during this festive month. You can think of smartphones and earplugs, wearables and gift cards. For this great promotion we have received prizes from Alcatel, Cat, Gigaset, MediaMarkt, OnePlus, tink and Xiaomi, so that promises to be a lot of fun.

Android Planet advent calendar partners

How do I have a chance to win a prize?

Keep an extra close eye on Android Planet from December 1! Appears every working day namely a news item around 3 pm and opens a box in the above calendar! Then we will announce the price of that day and what you have to do for it! All you have to do is fill in our win form, with some details such as your name, e-mail address and why you should win that prize.

You can participate until 2 p.m. the next day, after which we close the form and announce the winner or winner as soon as possible. That can take a while, because we always wait for the winner’s reaction. We always give the winner 24 hours to respond; so keep a close eye on your mailbox.

An example:

  • On Tuesday December 1 we will announce the first prize around 3 pm;
  • You can then participate until 2 December at 2 p.m.
  • On Tuesday December 2, we will announce the second prize around 3 p.m.
    It will also announce the winner or winner of the competition on 1 December with retroactive effect and as soon as possible.

You can stay up to date with newsletter alerts

Sign up immediately for our daily Android Planet newsletter. Then you will receive a short email every day around 7 a.m. with the most important news from the day before. We also highlight the daily price, which you can still win until 2 p.m. that day.

Frequently asked questions and answers

# 1. What is the promotional period of the Android Planet Advent Calendar 2020?

  • The promotional period runs from Tuesday December 1 to Thursday December 24. Every working day a new price is announced, so you have a new chance.

# 2. How many prizes will be given away?

  • During the promotional period you have the chance to win a new prize every working day. In total, this involves at least eighteen gifts.

# 3. When will I know what can be gained that day?

  • Every working day a new article is published on Android Planet around 3 p.m. It explains exactly what you can win that round.

# 4. What exactly do I have to do to win a prize?

  • Every working day a new article is published on Android Planet around 3 p.m. In it you will see a win form. All you have to do is enter it with your details such as your name and e-mail address. Sometimes we ask you to fill in some extra information.

# 5. When can I participate for a certain prize?

  • Every working day a new article is published on Android Planet around 3 p.m. You can participate for that specific prize from publication until 2 p.m. the next day.

# 6. Can I participate multiple times with the same email address?

  • You can re-enter every chance of winning with the same email address. If you use the same address several times in the same competition, it will be excluded from that chance of winning.

# 7. How old do I have to be to participate in the Android Planet advent calendar?

  • You must be 16 or older to participate in this promotion.

# 8. I have won a prize, but you have no further information about me at all?

  • That’s right, Android Planet will contact you about further handling.

# 9. How long will I have to respond if I have won?

  • If you have won, you will receive a personal email, stating that you have 24 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond in time, a new winner will be chosen.

# 10. When can I expect my price?

  • Prizes will be sent to you within four weeks of winning.

# 11. Can I also collect my prize?

  • Unfortunately, collecting a prize is not possible due to corona.

# 12. Can my prize be exchanged for another prize or for money?

  • A prize cannot be exchanged for money or other goods.

# 13. What about the warranty of a won product?

  • If you want to claim warranty, you can contact Android Planet. We will then provide you with the necessary contact details of the manufacturer for further processing.

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