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Android Planet Advent Calendar 2020: Teufel Real Blue NC headphones

The well-known audio manufacturer Teufel is also contributing to the Android Planet Advent calendar! You have a chance to win cool Real Blue NC headphones. This way you dream away with fine music or just focus on work.

Android Planet Advent Calendar 2020

We are approaching the end of a week full of great gifts and opportunities to win, but we are not there yet. Read all about how you can win or check the most frequently asked questions in our overview: Android Planet Advent Calendar. Dream away to your favorite music or take a break from the world? That is possible with today’s price, Teufel headphones!

Thursday December 10: Teufel Real Blue NC headphones worth € 229.99

The Teufel Real Blue NC that you can win today is a complete pair of headphones with all kinds of great gadgets. You can easily connect the Bluetooth headset with a smartphone, tablet or laptop, for example, after which you can enjoy endless wireless music.

It is also possible to listen to music via a cable, which is even better for the built-in battery. It lasts for tens of hours on a single battery charge, so you can easily get through an intensive day or work week.

Active noise cancellation is present, so you hardly hear any ambient sounds. Of course you can also use the headphones while gaming or to make calls. Connect it to your smartphone and easily start up Google Assistant (or Siri from Apple). You can operate the Real Blue NC as you wish via the touch-sensitive surfaces. This way you jump to the next song, put the music on pause or take a phone call.

For this giveaway we would like to thank Teufel, who sponsored the Real Blue NC! The suggested retail price of these headphones is 229.99 euros.

All information at a glance

Want to know more about this Android Planet win month? Then view our special Android Planet advent calendar 2020 action page. There you can read exactly what you need to do to have a chance to win such a great prize every day! You also check the entire calendar, full list of winners and winners and of course all frequently asked questions and answers in a row.

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