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Android gets 6 new features, including fresh emoji stickers

Android will get no fewer than six new functions in the coming period. This mainly concerns updates to existing features, such as Nearby Share and Voice Access.

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6 new functions in Android

Google is again working hard on Android and will bring new functions to the mobile operating system in the near future. The biggest novelty is the rollout of Android Auto in various countries. We will soon be able to use this service in the Netherlands and Belgium too. We have listed the other features for you below.

Exchange apps with Nearby Share

With Nearby Share you can transfer files wirelessly between Android phones. After the update, which will roll out in the coming weeks, you can also copy apps to someone else’s smartphone. The Play Store will soon have a “Share apps” menu where you can easily choose which app you want to share. The other person then only has to accept the download.

Voice Access now works even better

Voice Access makes it possible to fully control your smartphone with your voice. This is especially useful for people with a motor disability. The new version has been developed in collaboration with this group and works a lot more intuitively. For example, if you want to search for videos of kittens on YouTube, you no longer have to say “tap search” and then “type kittens”. Instead, you just shout “search for kittens”.

Thousands of new emoji stickers

This is probably the best of the new features in Android. Since February, Emoji Kitchen for Gboard has allowed you to create your own stickers by combining different emoji. Until now, several hundred combinations were possible. After the update, which rolls out before Christmas, that will be no less than 14,000. You simply tap two emoji to see what their joint sticker looks like.

Easier to your destination with Google Maps

The new version of Google Maps makes it easier to navigate to places you visit often, such as your work or favorite supermarket. You collect these destinations in the Go Tab, which you access by swiping to the right. Then tap where you want to go. You will immediately see the route, the traffic en route and the estimated time of arrival. So you no longer have to type in the address every time.

Automatically generated audiobooks

Would you rather listen than read? Then you may be disappointed that there is not an audio version of every book. Android will come with a solution soon. In early 2021, you will be able to purchase automatically generated audiobooks from the Play Store. You can choose from different voices. They probably sound less good than real audiobooks, but the range is much larger.

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