Android Auto 6.0 is coming – We can look forward to this

The further, the more users are starting to prefer Android Auto instead of the car manufacturer’s infotainment. Manufacturers are adapting to this and adding support to almost every new model. He has been here with us for many years and will soon see the sixth version, which will have a simple name – Android Auto 6.0.

Some people on the Internet claim that this will probably be the biggest change, so let’s take a look at what awaits us.

Android Auto 6.0 has received an aesthetic lift

The first novelty will be the possibility to change the background as we know it from phones. However, according to The Next Web, from the code it looks like we will be able to choose only from the pre-installed backgrounds.

More options for Google Now

Another novelty or group of news will be new possibilities for Google Assistant. In short, we will see more new voice commands. For example, they allow you to place quick access icons on your home screen so you can have them faster at hand.

Assistant Routines are also expected to add another layer of automation. It should work on the principle of IFTTT, so if you do one action, something else will be done that you preset. For example, when setting the way home from work, the Assistant will also send a message to your partner that you are already going home and will launch Spotify and your favorite playlist.

Android Auto 6.0 fixes several bugs

For example, a well-known bug in which Android Auto cancels the dark mode if you have a device with Android 10. Also mentioned are bug fixes with Spotify or a bug that turned off Android Auto after charging the battery on the mobile. However, it is not known whether these fixes will come out right away with Android Auto 6.0 or a little later.

The future of Android Auto

The prominent redditor with the nickname Shmykelsa looked deeper under the hood of the prepared Android Car and mentions that there are even bigger things in development. According to his contribution, Google is preparing the code base for the “MultiDisplay” function, which will completely change the look of Android Auto.

This feature should allow users to use their phone as an additional screen infotainment system. Theoretically, users could have navigation information on the phone screen, and the Playlist could be lit on the car screen.

When this change arrives, it could bring about the biggest changes since Android Auto 3.0. However, don’t expect it in these months. So Android Auto 6.0 will be fine, but it won’t be the biggest change that has hit Android Auto in the coming years. It will bring some useful features, but if you expect a lot from it, you may be disappointed.

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