Android applications will have a pleasant time to work with time

How do you work with time on Android at the moment? We mean mainly typical wheel, where you can select the hour and minute across applications when setting countdowns, events, or alerts. If this interactive feature comes to you somewhat tiny, we have good news for you. As part of the design modifications for Android 12, the time setting will also be new. The mentioned round dial will be bigger and more pleasant for example, there will be manual entry.

new time setting when rotating the display to landscape

The whole wheel with the choice of time will be larger in the first place, which will of course help when entering. However, the fields for manual entry will also get more space digits over the keyboard. Similarly, there will be a switch for AM / PM or DOP. / ODP. (if they are turned on in the system). In the pictures below, where there is always an old variant on the left and a new variant on the right, you can see, among other things, the modified appearance of the keyboard.

The new time setting is said to be available to some users in the classic Google application when setting reminders via the Assistant, or in the latest version of the Keep application. Calendar, Clock and other Google applications to follow. Then all the others that use this offer from Android.

How are you used to setting the time in applications?

Source: 9to5

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