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Android 9 Pie for Pocophone F1 was released. Download update today

Xiaomi is still surprised by its new POCO brand. Their first PocoPhone F1 phone was officially updated on Android 9 Pie. And before several other and more expensive Xiaomi phones. The second good news is that you can download the updates manually from the official source and install them if you did not.

PocoPhone F1 is already running on Android 9 Pie. The update can be downloaded manually

PocoPhone F1 ( buy for 9 490 CZK) is definitely one of the most interesting phones of the last year . At a very low price, the top performance equals TOP phones on the market. But he has been surprised at the software side too lately. It has been recently announced that this phone will also receive Android Q. Today, it has come to the latest version Android 9 Pie .

Android Betaverze 9 Pie for PocoPhone F1 has already been available from last month. But the company did not tell when the update will get out in a stable version. We know it today. In addition to news from Android 9 Pie, users can also enjoy Google Lens and Android Auto, microphone and new options for notification icons. Of course, the phone is also news from the superstructure MIUI 10 . However, the first users also report that the has disappeared from the software .

The update is gradually releasing in waves. If you did not get up and you do not want to wait, you can have an update already . Just download the OTA file HERE and paste it into a folder on your phone called “downloaded_rom”. Then in the update section will select the manual installation and choose the downloaded file

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