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Android 9: Android Pie Beta released for Oneplus 5 and 5T

Oneplus has released first open beta versions of Android 9.0 alias Pie for the Oneplus 5 and 5T. With this, the Chinese manufacturer continues to pursue its goal of supplying its smartphones with the current Android version for two years.

In addition to the enhancements to Android 9 and the current Google security patch from November 2018, the beta version includes a new user interface and new navigation gestures for the Oneplus 5T. In addition, the memory management for apps has been optimized in the background.

If two SIM cards are used, certain SIM cards can be assigned after updating to the beta version. Then the respective map is automatically selected when the contact is called.

Beta Version May Still Contain Errors

Oneplus points out in a forum post that this is not yet a flawless version of Android 9. Beta versions may still contain bugs that can cause system problems. Normally, a publisher is in the process of publishing a public beta version that anyone can download, but is quite certain that at least there are no big bugs left.

If you have not yet installed a beta version on your Oneplus 5 or Oneplus 5T, you must download the Android 9 version and manually flash it on your smartphone. Oneplus has published a tutorial. Those who are already in the beta channel can wirelessly download and install the new version (number 22 for the Oneplus 5, number 20 for the Oneplus 5T) via WLAN.

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