Android 13 will stop killing apps

Google is preparing improvements around the ‘killing’ of apps in Android 13. This should no longer be nearly as aggressive as often with previous Android versions. The new Android version should therefore manage this better.

Android 13 less aggressive?

The colleagues at XDA Developers have stumbled upon a new clue for Android 13. The new Android version gets the implementation of MGLRU, which stands for Multi-Generational Least Recently Used’. The feature previously introduced for Chrome OS is also coming to Android.

MGLRU should help Android better choose which apps to run in the background, and which not. All this for the best performance. Tests are already being conducted by Google. According to the source, there is still a chance that this feature will not be added with Android 13, but with a later version.

The change in the policy for closing apps should provide improved performance, which will benefit not only high-end smartphones but also cheap devices. It can reduce CPU usage by 40 percent. The number of closures would be 85 percent lower.

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