Android 13 is only being rolled out in dribs and drabs

Google has shared figures on the distribution of Android 13 to the various Android devices. Only a small portion of Android devices are equipped with the latest Android version. This is evident from the new data shared by Google.

Android 13 distribution is slow

The rollout of Android 13 is being tackled by more and more manufacturers, but it doesn’t seem to be going very quickly. The new distribution figures on the distribution of Android versions have been shared. This makes it clear that relatively few devices are equipped with the latest Android version. Android has been running into the same problem for years; for many manufacturers it can take a long time before the update to a new Android version is rolled out. The new distribution figures show that Android 13 now only has a share of 5.2 percent.

The distribution figures come from Google’s own Android Studio. So we see a small share of just over 5 percent for Android 13. With Android 12 things are not much better; that share is 18.9 percent. Android 11 is the most widely represented, with the share amounting to 24.4 percent. On the Android devices that are now circulating, 19.5 percent run on Android 10. Android 9 Pie records a market share of 13.2 percent.

It is clear from these figures that manufacturers and Google itself are still not succeeding in rolling out faster updates; which is repeatedly hammered on by Google. Android 13 has been out for about five months; and then you should have expected that there would have been a little more progress in the case.

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