Android 12 will learn to “hide” the front lens of the last Pixels

Needless to say, the main developer of Android is Google. As part of the AOSP project, he is seconded by other important partners, however, it is this American giant who holds the helm and sets the direction. At the same time, the pure appearance of Android is not seen so often in phones, as many manufacturers rely on various graphic extensions. These are often full of uselessness, but they take the basic version of the system to a new level with new tweaks. In the spirit of the saying “a blacksmith’s mare walks barefoot” is evidence for example notification bar covering the front camera in Pixel phoneswhich should finally appear in the Android 12 version.

This space, which many cameras with a cut-out or camera shot can cover with a black panel in software, is still unavailable on Google phones. Pixel owners there must be reconciled that the front camera cannot be “hidden” into a single line with notification icons. This is likely to change the new Android, the twelfth version of which is on the way. It is currently available as the first developer beta. It was in it that we managed to find this feature for the latest Google mobiles.

The switch should go classically in the settings. You can see the new environment in the gallery. A notification bar covering the front camera should arrive on your phones as part of Android 12 Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G a Pixel 5.

Do you have this option on your mobile? And do you use?

Source: 9to5

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