Android 12 final version to be announced October 4

According to the latest reports, it should happen on October 4. On that date, Google would finally release Android 12.

Android 12 on October 4

In recent months, Google has tested a lot with the latest Android version. This happened first with Developer Preview versions of Android 12 and later with various beta versions.

From internal documents, which have now remained a lot less internal, we see a schedule with deadlines for manufacturers. These relate to the dates of releases of new Android versions. For example, we also see the release date of Android 10 and Android 11. In that document, October 4 stands for the announcement of Android 12.

On that day we will hear all about Android 12. We will then find out which functions from previous test versions have made it to the final version. The most important is the Material You design, where elements in the interface are adapted in terms of colors to the background.

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