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Android 11 for Samsung and Disney Plus is more expensive

Android Planet keeps you up to date with all the news from the Android world on a daily basis. If you have not been able to follow everything last week, we will update in this news overview. This is the most important Android news of the past few days.

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This is when your Dutch Samsung device gets Android 11

Android 11 is the major update of this year and many people naturally want to know when their device will receive that software. The Dutch plans of manufacturer Samsung are now known. The new software is already rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and those are also the only devices that will receive the update this year. From January 2021, Samsung will really get to work in the Netherlands. Every month, more and more smartphones and tablets will receive the update.

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Disney Plus will increase price by 2 euros per month from February 2021

Disney Plus

The price increase is related to a new part of the streaming service: Star. From February 23, 2021, the price will be 8.99 euros per month. You can also take out Disney Plus for an entire year for 89.99 euros, which means you get a little discount. The information about the European price increase was announced on Investor Day 2020. Currently, a month of Disney Plus costs 6.99 euros, while an annual subscription costs 69.99 euros.

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Official: Samsung Galaxy S21 announcement on January 14, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 teaser

Unexpectedly, Samsung has confirmed the official launch date of the Galaxy S21 series. After many rumors, the date is set: grab your diary and circle January 14. Read in this article what you can expect during the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Against all traditions, Samsung opts for a launch in January, a month earlier than previous years. The confirmation comes from Samsung’s largest store in India, after a tour of Android Authority.

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Motorola Moto G 5G now for sale: affordable 5G smartphone with large battery

Motorola Moto G 5G

Motorola presented the Moto G 5G at the beginning of November as a cheaper variant of the Moto G 5G Plus. It has been on sale since the summer and has a suggested retail price of 349 euros. The Moto G 5G has lesser specifications and therefore costs 249 euros. The device has been for sale at Belsimpel since this week, which offers it both separately and in combination with a subscription. The color of the smartphone is gray. Other (web) stores will probably also sell the Moto G 5G.

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Year in Search: These are the Google search trends of 2020

year in search 2020

December is in full swing and that means that it is time for annual lists again. Google presents the most important search trends with the Year in Search 2020 overview. Every year, Google carefully keeps track of all search trends. At the end of the year, the search engine summarizes all search terms and thus records the trends. From the most sought-after recipe to the question of why people hoard toilet paper, no topic remains undiscussed.

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