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And Big Adventure received online multiplayer -apkrig

We consider Sackboy: A Big Adventure to be one of the most pleasant surprises on the list of first games for PlayStation 5. In the month-old review, we praised the likable protagonist, great design ideas, soundtrack, as well as the Czech translation and ease with which the people of Sumo Digital spin-off moved the original LittleBigPlanet brand further. But one important thing was missing at the time of the release – although Sackboy included local cooperation at the beginning, the developers promised to deliver the online version later, which is currently happening through the expected update. This opens up the possibility to play remotely with friends and, what’s more, not to decide who is currently playing on which PlayStation.

“In the beginning, we wanted to offer players an excellent single-player platformer. But we wanted to make the whole experience even better by sharing it with your friends, ”says Sumo Digital’s designer Ned Waterhouse on a recent PlayStation blog. It then develops multiplayer content and confirms that it is possible to go through the game in the online game from start to finish with up to three other players and with the support of cross-gen gaming. “The game is great multiplayer fun and we wanted to make sure that as many players as possible enjoyed it, so we included support for gaming across the PS4 and PS5,” says Waterhouse. It’s not just the main part of the game that can be played in multiplayer, Sackboy: A Big Adventure also offers so-called Teamwork levels, which are designed for at least two players who must help each other to reach the end and be entitled to a proper reward.

It’s also nice to keep track of all progress, even if you play with random players and help them in their online endeavors.

There are a total of ten of these levels – two at a time in the five available worlds – and according to the developers, they hide even more humor and unexpected results that it would be a great pity to miss this content. Following the example of LittleBigPlanet, it is, of course, possible to tease other teammates in Sackboy a bit and deliberately do them, for example by slapping or holding, so that they cannot get somewhere. The update also includes new cooperation emotions and, of course, a lot of rewards, whether you meet any of the multiplayer levels for bronze, silver or gold scores. It’s also nice to keep track of all progress, even if you play with random players and help them in their online endeavors. All collected plows and other items remain firmly connected to your account, you will not lose them and you can use them for any purchases anywhere else in the game.

The last thing the update brings, in line with previous promises, is the ability to use the saved slot from the PS4 to the PS5 as well, which will be especially useful when you decide to reach for a new console. Until now, this option was not available, although it was possible to play the game on both devices.

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