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Ancestors: The Humankind Oddysey

Patrice Désilets gave his hands away from the Assassin’s Creed series, but the love of historical plays did not leave him. For his next project, however, he chose such a distant past, where the eternal conflict between the assassins and the Templars does not. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey tells the story of human evolution from frightened monkeys crouched in a cave to upright hominids using tools to look at in a new trailer and in filming.

Poor people in Africa’s jungle 10 million years ago threatened the poor. They can knead the overgrown bird, eat a crocodile, snap a snake, they can fall from a huge height because with a child on their backs they are dangerously creeping through the crowns of the trees. No wonder his surroundings are often afraid of panic, which is reflected in a blackened screen full of horrifying scenes.

Over time, however, the role will turn. A giant feline beast, which once a human ancestor’s colony was eliminated by its weaker paw, is a hunting game. You just have to learn to stand on your own feet, develop the basics of communication, and sharpen the stick so that it penetrates nicely between the ribs and pierces the heart. The path to skyscrapers and computers starts inconspicuously.

You can see more examples of the earliest human wander in the shots of the game that was played with Désilets for GamePot. The opening half-hour shows you that although the team has used the latest scientific knowledge in development, it’s still a game. The monster falls out of the tree, it’s all bloody, then it gets some healing needles and it’s fine.

Most of all, there is a need to protect a child who keeps you busy all the time on your back. It is the future of the clan, or of the whole race. He looks, learns and becomes more skillful and stronger than his parents. By the way, they have to eat, drink and relax, otherwise, it will not go well with them. Ancestors are going on the way of survival.


DNA Assassin is visible in the movement system. Lidoops swing from tree to tree, can climb to any surface, and basically they are such masters of natural parrot. It just does not look too realistic, especially when a hundred-year-old monkey with a baby on her back holds a tight twig that does not get under the weight. Well, play.

Evolution from the original concept to a full-fledged game is almost over, as Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is said to be coming next year. PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One One owners are waiting.

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