An unpleasant sight for OnePlus fans: OxygenOS is slowly disappearing

If you are a Chinese supporter OnePlus brandYou probably know what is currently going on around the system in her phones. The company under the parent company BBK Electronics has recently decided definitively to share the system superstructure with its sister company OPPO, to the displeasure of many fans. retreats the very popular OxygenOS and replaces it with ColorOS. Until a few months ago, it was supposed to be only a solution for the Chinese market, but recently these steps were announced to the whole world. If you wondered what the resulting work would look like, you now have a good opportunity to see for yourself.

OxygenOS 12.0 hands-on: Uh oh…

The 9to5google editorial office has started to install a beta version of the new OxygenOS 12.0 extension, which, in addition to the Android 12 system, already contains hints of merging the two mentioned environments. For hardcore fans of fairly pure and sterile Oxygen, it’s about will not be a completely pleasant sight, but see for yourself which way the company decided to go. However, we must note that this is really just a beta version and a lot of things can still change. However the trend is clear and we are very curious what the resulting work will look like.

So what do you say about the changes?

Source: 9to5

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