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An iPhone would only lose 51% of its value after a year

Refurbished smartphone resale site Decluttr has published a report on the loss of value of high-end products. IPhones seem to be the good performers compared to the competition.

It is a common mechanism in all types of market. When a brand releases a product, over months or even years, it loses its value. For mobile telephony, it’s pretty much the same especially for high-end devices. In its biannual report, the specialist site Decluttr highlights the price changes in high-end smartphones. Faced with Oppo, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and Google, iPhones are doing well.

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Buy an iPhone if you want to sell it quickly

In the mobile phone market, it is sometimes difficult to buy a high-end phone a few days after its release. Even if there are payment facilities, the sums to be paid are significant. On the Decluttr site, it is possible to observe the price curve of high-end models. For example, one month after the release of Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, it had already lost 56% of its original value. After a year, the Google Pixel 3XL has lost 73% of its value.

More broadly, the data observed by the website correspond to the various studies carried out on the value of smartphones after their release. After a year, an iPhone would lose only 50% of its value where Android phones see it drop quite quickly. If buying a new iPhone is expensive, between the software monitoring offered by Apple and the rest of the competition, the investment is worth the effort. Especially if you then want to resell it. This observation is especially valid for high-end products, when it comes to lower prices, the value drops more quickly.

Source: Decluttr

An iPhone would only lose 51% of its value after a year

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