An eye that guards your apartment

The Chinese company Xiaomi had a global presentation a few hours ago, during which it showed mainly the new Redmi Note 9T and Redmi 9T phones. In addition to them, however, the popular company also launched two on the world market other smart products – desk clock and security camera We will now focus on the latter device, the Xiaomi Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera 2K Pro. The image is captured by a 3 megapixel lens, which transmits photos and video with a resolution of 2304 x 1296 pixels. It has an aperture of f / 1.4 and handles very dark scenes.

Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, the software in the camera can recognize even the human silhouette. Of course, it can transfer live preview to the application, through which it also offers notifications. It works for her too two-way audio communicationwhich is greatly enhanced by a pair of microphones with active noise cancellation. As the name suggests, the camera lens can rotate in any direction in a circle. In “private” mode, however, the sensor can be turned inwards so that it cannot see anything. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are present. Xiaomi Mi 360 ° Home Security Camera 2K Pro will come out in Europe for 59.99 Euros, ie approximately CZK 1,600.

How do you like the price of this camera?

Source: Xiaomi

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