An Edge Over Other Browsers: Microsoft Edge Finally Includes History and Tab Sync

Gone are the days when there was just one browser through which you could go through the various web pages and sites on the internet. Those were the early days of the internet and not many companies saw the potential of developing and launching a browser. Now, there are a large number of browsers with different kinds of features and tools. Since the competition is intense, each browser tries to offer something which others don’t have.

It has been a year since the launch of the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge. Now, the browser has finally included history and tab sync to be used by all of its users. While these features have been embedded in the browser, the user is required to activate these features manually. This can be done by signing in to one’s Microsoft account. Once you turn on the tab and history sync, you can resume doing the activity or task you were doing on your respective device.

If you want to find out whether you have the new features or not, you can do so by going to Settings> Profiles> Sync. Here is where you will find options for History and Open tabs.

History: Have a look at the pages or sites you have browsed in Microsoft Edge.

Open tabs: Even when you switch between different devices, you can see the same tabs that you had opened.

Microsoft Edge had been planning to launch the history and tab sync for a long time. The Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge was first launched in January 2020. During the same time, Microsoft promised its users that it will launch the history and tab sync features during the summer season. The features were made accessible to beta and dev channels in the month of November.

Though Microsoft incorporated these features a little late than its competitors, it has structured Edge in a way that it proves to be a good alternative to the other popular browsers around. The browser includes a bunch of built-in tools that help users with things like finding the best deals or discounts when shopping online. Apart from providing better online security, it provides the users with a screenshot tool too.

At the moment, Microsoft is conducting tests on features like group tab collapse, sidebar search, and notifications for password breach. If you are unable to see some of the new features added by Microsoft, there are chances that you are using an old version of the browser. Downloading a new version or running it through an update will help you fix the issue.

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