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An Apple Watch has its polarity reversed after passing through an MRI machine

You didn’t know what happened to an Apple Watch after a short stay in an MRI machine? A person had the unfortunate experience of this after forgetting to remove his Apple Watch before having his MRI. As a reminder, it is of course mandatory to remove all metallic and electronic objects from one’s body during such an examination, but for some unknown reason, the patient in question had not been warned.

And so, what happened after the MRI? An almost logical consequence: the polarity of the Apple Watch has been reversed, so that the toquante can only be fixed on the flat part of the inductive charger. A spectacular result then… but logical: the MRI indeed generates a very powerful magnetic field which strikes each atom and molecule of the body. The atoms then send back a wave whose frequency depends on their position, which allows their localization and therefore 3D imaging.

Not to be reproduced of course during your next visit to the specialist, especially since the Apple Watch is not particularly given. Nothing says that the damage on the watch could not have been more serious than a simple polarization reversal.

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