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Amazon will soon throw out the most successful DC film

No other superhero in the DC Universe has made more money at the box office than him, even Batman looks old. But now Amazon is throwing “Aquaman” out of the Prime Video offer. If you still want to see the most successful DC film, you have to hurry up or look elsewhere.

“Aquaman” flies out of Amazon: Netflix and RTL + can still deliver

Only until January 24, 2023 you can see Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman on Amazon Prime Video. After that, the 6th film of the current DC Universe will be removed from the portfolio (see Aquaman on Amazon Prime Video). If you are late, you have to rent the film individually or you can still find it streaming on Netflix (watch on Netflix) and RTL+ (see RTL+).

To this day, “Aquaman” isn’t just that most successful movie of the DC Universe, but also the highest-grossing DC film of all time – the film brought in almost 1.15 billion US dollars. Even Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” can’t keep up.

A trailer says more than 1,000 words:

Aquaman – Trailer 2 German

And what is it all about? Even if you don’t know the other films in the DC Universe or their order, you can follow the plot well. Then “Aquaman” also cuts a good figure solo. Amazon describes the film quite aptly in one sentence: “Aquaman reveals the beginnings of Arthur Curry, the half-Atlantean, and sends him on a journey to prove himself worthy of his destiny: to become the king of Atlantis.”

As already mentioned, there are also part of the party Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Dune, See) and Amber Heard. She was last in the spotlight because of her past relationship with Johny Depp. On the other hand, we don’t have to introduce film greats like Willem Dafoe or Nicole Kidman. You know Temuera Morrison most recently in the role of Boba Fett (Star Wars: The Mandalorian).

Unfortunately, this no longer works for every customer:

Good Superhero Action: You can see that

Qualitatively, Aquaman delivers robust superhero entertainment, not outstanding, but not bad either. For pros at Rotten Tomatoes, it’s enough for 65 percent, the Viewers even forgive 73 percent positive approval. In summary: you can watch without regret.

By the way: At the end of the year, the long-awaited sequel is supposed to hit the cinemas. If everything goes according to plan, then start “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” from December 23rd. Until then, just treat yourself to the original from 2018 again.

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