Amazon sells giant Samsung TVs for a small price

65-inch Samsung TV (Image source: Samsung)

If you are currently looking for a large and cheap Samsung television, you should take a look at Amazon. There is a very popular model with a 65-inch diagonal at an unrivaled low price.

Amazon sells 65-inch Samsung TVs for 599 euros

If you want to treat yourself to a new television, you can strike at Amazon. There the Samsung GU65TU6979UXZG with 65 inches and 4K resolution will be available for a short time Price of only 599 euros (look at Amazon) sold. We last achieved this price many months ago. Now the televisions are slowly becoming cheaper again, so that the Samsung TV is offered at an absolute best price on Amazon. In the price comparison you have to pay at least 60 euros more.

Samsung GU65TU6979UXZG currently particularly cheap at Amazon (Image: GIGA)

The TV is a current model from 2020 with all the features you need. Samsung itself asked for almost 1,049 euros for this. A triple tuner is integrated with which you can receive everything. You can also access most streaming services via WLAN and even AirPlay2 is supported. So you can very easily connect your Apple device to the Samsung TV. The 65-inch screen also supports HDR 10+. Dolby Digital Plus ensures good sound. There are two HDMI ports, including one with HDMI 2.1, and even a USB port.

In this Video we will tell you whether LCD or OLED is better:

For whom is it worth buying the Samsung TV on Amazon?

In the end, for everyone who wants to buy a large brand television very cheaply. For the 65-inch Samsung TV, the 599 euros asked by Amazon are excellent. Not even Aldi was able to offer its 65-inch television cheaper at the beginning of the month. And after all, you get a branded device here. So if you want a huge TV for a small price, that strikes as long as the offer on Amazon is still valid (look at Amazon).

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