Amazon Prime Day 2023 – The best tech deals on day two

At Amazon* is available on Amazon Prime Day 2023 from 12:00 a.m. exciting flash offers, i.e. products that are offered at a lower price for a limited promotional period. We’ll pick out the best tech bargains for you and give you an overview of where it might be worth stopping by throughout the day!

Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2023: sorted by time

Whether smartphones, smartwatches, keyboards, mice, SD cards, hard drives, headsets, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, computers, gaming or photography accessories or cool gadgets: there is something for everyone!

Because it’s easy to lose track of all the offers and deals on Prime Day at Amazon, we’ve divided the day into time zones for you and picked out what we think are the most interesting products, offers, and deals.

Prime Day deals: 12am to 12pm

Prime Day Deals: 12pm to 6pm

Prime Day deals: 6pm to midnight

To find out more information about Amazon Prime, shipping, all additional products and costs, we have created a detailed Amazon Prime Guide for you.

This article contains affiliate links.

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