Amazon makes its customers happy

Amazon has announced that it will include a total of 16 Champions League games in its streaming offer. Prime customers can then watch the games live on stream. The big surprise: There are no additional costs.


Amazon Prime Video: The Champions League is free – almost

Last year, Amazon Prime secured part of the broadcasting rights for the 2021/2022 Champions League season. Now the company has announced the scope in which customers can see the games. And it provides a surprise, yes, a real football hammer: If you are already a Prime customer, you can watch the Champions League games on the streaming service without having to spend more money.

This means that the streaming service for the premier league is taking a completely different path than for the Bundesliga: Prime users there also have to subscribe to a channel in order to be able to watch games. And that costs 5.99 euros a month. Initially you can test it for 30 days free of charge. This also applies to Amazon Prime Video itself:

Also interesting for everyone who is already on Amazon:

Top game on Tuesday, other games as highlights

“Starting with the coming 2021/22 season, Prime members will see the top UEFA Champions League match on Tuesday exclusively and live as part of their membership and at no additional charge,” writes Amazon in a press release. Other games are only available as a compilation via Prime Video. These are the 16 matches that Amazon will show: two play-off games, six games from the group stage and finally eight games from the knockout round.

The games will be moderated by Sebastian Hellmann, who is known to viewers of sports broadcasts on the pay-TV channel Sky. Commentator Jonas Friedrich also comes from Sky – with the broadcaster Amazon recently entered into a partnership. If you are not yet a Prime customer, you can watch games within the 30-day free trial period.

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