Amazon has opposed New World from destroying Vortex graphics cards

Some Beta New World players complain on the internet that the game ruined their graphics card. Specifically, this should apply to those who use RTX 3090 graphics from the American company EVGA. Amazon is now opposed to these claims fenced off provided that the title is secure. Nevertheless, he took further action.

Fans in Reddit complain in large numbers that New World has in some cases irreparably destroyed their expensive and inaccessible graphics card. It reports extreme overheating, which should even occur in the main menu of the game. Developers at Amazon Games Orange County, on the other hand, have resisted that New World is being rehearsed by hundreds of thousands of players and recorded millions of hours. The team admits that it received several described reports, but claims that it uses standard techniques and did not notice any mass problem on the RTX 3090 series cards.

Criticism on the one hand, huge interest on the other

According to the authors, the beta is completely safe. But to reassure players even more, they implement an update to the game, which locks the framerate in the main menu. At the same time, the studio thanked the fans for all the feedback. There are also opinions that the game actually loads the graphics card abnormally at a given moment, but a more serious mistake may be on the part of its manufacturer, because the hardware does not seem to be able to properly defend against overheating and components collapse. At this point, it will undoubtedly be necessary to wait for specific tests, because everything else will be speculation.

But let’s take a look at the New World on this occasion as well, from a happier perspective. The game is otherwise surprisingly successful. The beta has reached a maximum of more than 190,000 concurrent players on Steam, making it one of the most popular titles ever. He is also very interested in Twitch, where he also attacks the first places in the audience with hundreds of thousands of spectators. It seems that it has at least the potential to overcome the issued and shortly canceled Crucible.

MMORPG New World has been in development for over five years and is due out on August 31st.

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