Always on screen then really comes on the iPhone 13

It seems that Apple will equip the iPhone 13 with an always-on screen. And that’s good news.

Apple is lagging behind, for example, Samsung in this area. This phone manufacturer has had ‘always on’ screens for their flagships for a long time. That is good news for us users, because such screens make scrolling smoother. Playing games on your smartphone is also better because of this, because this can be done at a higher speed and without stuttering. Now the iPhone 13 also comes with such screens.

Always on screen iPhone 13

We wrote about it before, but the rumors are now getting more serious. It seems that Apple is now really taking the step. And they can’t do otherwise, otherwise they will lag too much behind the competition. Bloomberg’s Gurman now confirms that Apple is working on it. The new iPhone will be out in a few months and Gurman has written a newsletter with all the news to come. Apple will come with a faster A15 chip, a smaller notch, better video features, and integrate a more energy-efficient display.

The most innovative – at least for Apple – will be the ‘always on’ display. The Apple Watch already has this. The screen will have a refresh rate of 120Hz. This is not new by the way, the rumors about this have been around for longer. But now it is linked to the always on screen. With this screen you can read information without switching on your smartphone. Think of the weather forecast, the time or notifications. The iPad Pro has also had this for years, why the iPhone lags behind in this is unknown.


According to tradition, the company will launch their new iPhone in September. Several sources report that the smartphones will have the same appearance, only slightly thicker to accommodate the new screens. The batteries will also increase slightly in size, so you can use your iPhone longer. Apple is confident, because Bloomberg previously wrote that the company has commissioned manufacturers to make 90 million iPhones. And that’s 20% more than the previous generation!

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