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Always keep an eye on your best friend with smart dog leash

A comfortable dog leash for your four-legged friend and it’s smart too. Handy for keeping an eye on your dog’s well-being.

Your worst nightmare as a dog owner is that the animal goes missing. Now there are all kinds of ways to keep an eye on your dog. But with the new smart dog leash The Smart Dog Collar you will never lose sight of your dog in an accessible way.

The smart dog leash is equipped with a GPS so that you can always find out the location of your four-legged friend in real time, if it has run off. There is even a special function, if your dog is missing. With the Lost mode you get to actively see the location of the animal.

The The Smart Dog Collar is not only useful for stubborn dogs that suddenly start running. The smart dog leash also helps provide insight into your pet’s health. The leash contains sensors that monitor, among other things, the well-being of the dog. The belt looks at his activity level and sleep quality, among other things.

The smart dog leash will hit the market this summer. Invoxia, the company behind the belt, announced the product at CES tech fair in Las Vegas. The price is $99.

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