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almost 70% of readers have installed more than 100 apps

69 percent of Androidworld readers have more than 100 apps on their phone. That’s quite a number! Phones often come with a lot of pre-installed apps, but as Android fans we also seem to fish a lot from the Play Store.

More than 100 apps installed

Still, those 100 apps and more can be imagined. Especially if you don’t use an app in which all loyalty cards are merged, for example, you have all separate apps on your mobile, such as HEMA, Albert Heijn and Etos. In addition, you may also need certain apps for your work: one to keep track of your hours, one to view internal reporting, an authenticator app to access your e-mail and then perhaps even a separate e-mail app.

Fortunately, many phones can handle so many apps just fine, which contributes to the retention of many apps, even if you rarely or never use them. It’s also a bit of what you like yourself. The writer of this piece prefers to delete them and download them only when needed (with a few exceptions which are very often needed). Then the app drawer remains a bit clearer. Others are fine with the search function and prefer to have the apps ready, logged in and all. David1972 for example: “178. Have to say that I only use a third.”

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751 applications

According to the poll, 69 percent have more than 100 apps (sometimes even many hundreds of apps), while a more modest 19 percent go for 50 to 100 apps. 8 percent are between 25 and 50 and 3 percent have less than 25 apps on their smartphone and therefore live a minimalistic lifestyle. Those phones will probably run very well: little hassle playing in the background. 1 percent say they don’t know: fortunately you can see it very easily, you don’t have to count yourself. Just go to the Play Store, tap your icon in the top right and then Manage Apps and device. Under ‘Manage’ you can see how many apps and games you have on your phone.

Dirk Wuestenberg is lucky that this exists, otherwise he would have had to count all his 751 (!) apps manually. At the editorial office, we were stunned by that number. We are so curious which apps they all are and how much Dirk uses them. In any case, his Samsung S22 Ultra of 1 TB does not appear to suffer very much in terms of battery either: it still lasts a good 6 to 9 hours.

AW Poll

It’s funny to see that many readers themselves actually think that they have way too many apps on their phones. Maybe time for a big spring cleaning of your device? You don’t have to be all Monica-of-Friends on your smartphone like the writer of this article, but you might eventually help your battery life a bit and that is immediately more sustainable.

But of course you have to know for yourself. Just like you have to know how to fill in the next poll. You can find it next week here on Androidworld.

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