Alleged photos of Apple Reality leaked – this is what the VR glasses look like

The rumors about the Apple Reality have been going on for years and alleged photos of the VR glasses have finally surfaced. These are the first images of the glasses!

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Apple Reality is coming

In recent months, it has become increasingly clear about Apple Reality, Apple’s first VR glasses. It seemed very likely that Apple would present the glasses in the spring of 2023, namely in April. The launch of the VR glasses has now been pushed back to Apple’s WWDC in June. According to the latest rumors, Tim Cook is planning to present the glasses.

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Apple Reality has been rumored for years, but no photos or other images of the glasses had ever leaked. Until today, because it seems that the first pictures of the VR glasses have surfaced. Are you curious what the first parts of the glasses look like? iPhoned put the images together for you.

First photos Apple Reality surfaced

The first photos of the Apple Reality show parts of the VR glasses. The parts probably form the part where the screens of the goggles are attached. According to previous rumors, the Apple Reality will have two 4K micro-LED screens, so that you have one screen for each eye. This means that you have an incredibly sharp image, making it feel like you’re really in the movie, series or game.

The circles in the frame are probably intended to attach other parts to the glasses, such as the screen or the housing of the Apple Reality. There are connections on the sides to connect the screens, which makes it look very similar to the bottom and top of the front of the VR glasses.

apple reality connection screen

Other leaked photo less reliable

A third leaked photo shows less clearly whether it is part of the Apple Reality. The elongated part could be the side of the VR glasses, but it seems very likely that this is a technical part of the first generation HomePod. There is little chance that Apple will process exactly the same part from the HomePod in the new Apple Reality.

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With the approaching release date of the Apple Reality, it is expected that more photos will leak in the near future. In any case, these first photos show that Apple is indeed working on the VR glasses and that the glasses are already at an advanced stage.

possibly part HomePod instead of apple reality
A possible component of the HomePod.

Want to know more about Apple Reality?

According to the latest rumors, the Apple Reality development team would like to postpone the launch again, but Tim Cook has refused. Cook, according to these rumors, insists that the goggles will be presented at WWDC. It is therefore expected that Apple’s first VR glasses will be officially announced in June.

Do you want to know more about the Apple Reality? Earlier, a large leak revealed almost all the secrets about the VR glasses and it became clear that Apple probably requires AirPods to be worn when using the glasses. The company is now reportedly already working on cheaper VR glasses, the Apple Reality One. Here you can read everything about the cheaper version of the Apple Reality.

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