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Several providers also stunt in December with their offers for sim-only subscriptions. For example, the Black Friday offers have been extended by one month. We have listed the best sim-only offers of December.

Sim-only offers from December

December is already an expensive month and how nice is it if you can save even more on your monthly costs. We see this reflected in the various providers, many of which have extended their Black Friday promotions. This allows you to take advantage of interesting offers throughout the month. As you are used to from us, we have again done good research, and we have listed the best sim-only offers of this month.


At Simpel you can take advantage of the attractively priced bundles. For those who don’t need much, for example, you have 100 minutes with 1GB for 6.00 euros per month. If you want more data, there is, for example, the bundle with 4GB internet and unlimited calling for an amount of 10.00 euros per month. The one-off connection costs are 20.00 euros. You use the T-Mobile network.


This month you will benefit from double data at Youfone. This gives you a bundle with 2GB internet with 200 minutes for 7.00 euros per month. There is also a nice offer for the frequent user. For 12.00 euros p / m you have 200 minutes with 10GB, or for 15.00 euros per month you have 16GB of internet with the same number of minutes. You can also choose from a bundle with unlimited calling. You pay a one-off connection fee of 20.00 euros. You call and internet via the KPN network.


At Tele2, the Black Friday promotions have been extended for the entire month of December. This has the advantage that you save 20.00 euros on the connection costs. In addition, the originally Swedish provider has attractively priced data bundles. For 7GB internet with 200 minutes you pay 13.00 euros a month.

Dutch new

At Hollandsnieuwe you can also take advantage of extra discounts. First of all, you save 20.00 euros on the connection costs. If you also have Ziggo internet at home, you will receive 1000 min / MB / SMS for free and a Ziggo TV package for free. Everything comes from one bundle, which can be interesting if you keep using your phone differently. For ten euros you have 4000 MB / min / SMS. For 2.00 euros extra per month you can make unlimited calls. Hollandsnieuwe uses the Vodafone network.


Simyo has also extended its offers and is now giving an extra discount with the December Deal. You save EUR 14.99 connection costs. You also benefit from a € 2.00 discount on the 15GB bundle. If you have KPN Fixed Internet at home, the data bundle will be doubled. The bundle with 15GB internet and 200 minutes costs you 16.00 euros per month. You can also opt for a monthly cancellable subscription with Simyo.

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T-Mobile has the Go Go Go Deals. You will save EUR 25.00 on connection costs up to and including January 3. Both on subscriptions with a device and on SIM-only subscriptions. If you also have T-Mobile Home or someone else at the same address with T-Mobile, you will benefit from a discount and more data. T-Mobile’s network is rated the best in our country. For 5GB internet with 120 minutes you pay 15.00 euros per month. Everything unlimited, including access to the 5G network will cost you 35.00 euros.


Telecom provider Ben does not let you pay connection costs, so you can keep 20.00 euros in your pocket again. In addition, you will receive a maximum of 2500 MB per month for free on top of the chosen data bundle. For example, you have a bundle with 5000MB and 200 minutes for ten euros per month.


At Lebara there are also various discounts, where you only benefit from a 15.00 euro discount on the connection costs this weekend. These therefore amount to 0 euros. You can adjust your subscription every month; up and down. For 11.00 euros per month you have 5GB internet and 150 minutes of calling. If you often call abroad, Lebara can be interesting. For 5.00 euros per month you can make unlimited calls and text messages to 44 countries.


Mobile itself is not a provider, but a webshop where you can go for telephone subscriptions. You can also take out a SIM-only subscription there with various providers. Until the end of this month you can take advantage of 25.00 euros return when you take out a SIM-only subscription. You can use the discount code ’25SO’ for this. You can find your sim-only subscription here at Mobile.

Other providers

You can find the current offers from other providers below;

If you first want to see which subscription suits you best, visit the handy DroidApp sim-only comparator. This allows you to compare sim-only and see which bundles and providers best suit your needs.

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