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Most of the Marvel content is currently on Disney +, of course, but there are also some blockbusters from the Marvel studios on Netflix, as well as the Netflix Originals and some comic series with Marvel heroes. We have summarized for you here on GIGA which Marvel content you can watch on Netflix.

Netflix changes its programming at regular intervals and records new series or films, while licensed content is thrown out after a certain period of time. Take a look at our monthly overview of the latest Netflix additions.

Marvel on Netflix: All series at a glance

Marvel has developed a number of original series together with Netflix, which are only included in their subscription. For the most part, the series deal with the hero troupe “The Defenders” and a few other characters. The last season of “Jessice Jones” was released in 2019 and ended the Netflix series, which are set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Disney is currently concentrating on its own streaming service, new Marvel series are currently not planned on Netflix.

Marvel movies on Netflix

The following films are all parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As in the series, characters from a strip appear regularly in other films. The film series is (loosely) connected to one another by the plot element of the infinity stones. The following films are currently (as of January 21) available on Netflix:

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Avengers with a difference: When the MCU superheroes meet in other films

More films & series from the Marvel cosmos

There are also these films and series on Netflix, which are also based on Marvel content, but are not part of the MCU:


Series & Specials:

Quiz: Which Marvel Superhero Are You?

The Marvel Universe is growing. The ensemble is becoming more and more colorful. We have created psychological character profiles for Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America & Co and designed a little psycho test for you. If you answer all of our questions honestly, you’ll find out which Marvel hero you are most like in the end.

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