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All about instant messaging

More and more of you are enjoying instant messaging, but do you know what it is, why to choose it and how to use it well. Zoom on this IP messaging which provides such enthusiasm.

Instant messaging, what is it?

Instant messaging or IP messaging is chat software that lets you keep in touch with many recipients. You can communicate with them for free and instantly through voice, text or file messages (videos, images, etc.). Thanks to its various features, instant messaging, which is popular with millions of users, can be used by individuals, but also by businesses. The best known application for instant communication is Whatsapp, but it is criticized by many users in relation to its future sharing of data (phone, name, etc.) with Facebook.

If you do not want your personal data to be accessible to everyone, do not hesitate to discover the best alternatives to Whatsapp. So you can safely continue chatting.

Why choose instant messaging?

If you’re away from family or work colleagues, instant messaging is great for keeping in touch with just a few clicks. Thanks to its speed and its free use, you make your loved ones happy by sending them a picture of you or where you are. She is also very practice in the professional environment, because you will be able to create a workspace like a videoconference. You can also use this communication tool to send attachments during your work meeting. In addition, most IP messengers do not require you to provide your home phone number. By activating Push notification on your smartphone, you are notified of your email activity when you are not connected to it.

With this warning, you don’t miss out on a potentially important message.

How to use your instant messaging well?

For a good use of your instant messaging, you must first be vigilant in the choice of your future communication tool. Favor secure applications and having good encryption for your data. This prevents you from being retrieved and used without your consent. Regarding authentication on your mailbox, a good password is required for better security. You are also advised to use a good antivirus to be able to take full advantage of your IP mail. To make it easy for your contacts to find you, be specific about your username. Once this technical side is done, other points must be taken into account for a good use of your messaging system. For example, in the professional environment, do not take too long to reply to the message sent by one of your contacts. Prefer short sentences and never leave a conversation without pointing it out.

Now that you know exactly what instant messaging is, why to choose it and how to use it well, download the app that’s right for you and exchange with your correspondents !

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