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We have the last full week of June behind us and summer is slowly starting. So far, however, there is no indication that this will be a classic lazy and not very rich period for news. There’s still a lot going on, so we still have a little on our minds over the weekend. We will talk about Windows 11, Avatar, the story in F1 2021 or, for example, the first Paralympic game brought to light by the leading designer Final Fantasy XV.

List of topics

00:45 – Avatar and we are making the most progress in history, says Ubisoft. The developers from Massive signed up after E3 with a presentation of the technical conveniences of the upcoming game

08:17 – Aliens: Fireteam changes their name and they will be released in August. The game will be cheaper than expected. It lacks full cross-play, but offers Czech subtitles

14:10 – The story mode in F1 2021 takes approximately 6 hours. It is reminiscent of the series Drive to Survive by Netflix. Developers also promise reworked sounds

21:15 – The author of Final Fantasy XV made the first Paralympic video game. The Pegasus Dream Tour is a sports RPG in which you create your own avatar with the help of a selfie

26:48 – Windows 11 is the best system for games, says Microsoft. It envisages the implementation of Game Pass, automatic HDR and fast loading as on the Xbox

33:16 – WB Games finally got rid of a single studio. EA’s from Warner Bros. bought the Playdemic mobile team. The rest of the portfolio remains unchanged

38:17 – Surprise, Konami releases demo version of PES 2022. In the beta test, you can find out for the first time whether the game has benefited from a change of engine. It is played only on consoles

41:59 – LeBron James and Bugs Bunny argue in a retro thresher. The sequel to Space Jam will feature its own video game. But it’s not about basketball

45:03 – Phil Spencer would like a sequel to Killer Instinct. He also promises that players will see the potential for Fable in the new Forze Horizon and reassures Halo fans

50:05 – GreedFall is heading for a new console and gets an extension. Head to Teer Fradee Island once again, the authors entice. The game will have nicer graphics

52:33 – Xbox automatically stops returning money for Cyberpunk. With the return to the digital distribution of the PS Store comes the changes to the rules at Microsoft

54:44 – A new Chinese film was copied by Master Chief of Halo. The slide is called Unstoppable. His poster is dominated by the familiar John-117

57: 12.- Valve tightens the rules for changing the region on Steam. He fights again with players who buy cheaper in other countries. Payment verification is also helpful

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