Alexa’s assistant led the girl to play with the drawer

Smart technologies are a very effective servant, but sometimes they are a truly dangerous lord. Not only fans of the famous Terminator, but also some users of current smart advances could tell about it. Kristin Livdahl, an American, and her ten-year-old daughter, who use an Amazon Echo speaker with voice assistant Alexa, have recently gained a very frightening experience. She asked the girl to ask for a challenge she half-pushed the adapter into the socket and touched its pins with coins. This could, of course, cause a major accident if the wires are in contact successfully.

Concerned, Kristin Livdahl described on Twitter that she immediately shouted at the smart assistant and that she believed her daughter would never try anything like that. Where did the call come from and why did the girl demand it? The mother and daughter reportedly performed various difficulty and fun exercises before the incident. Then when the girl wanted another “challenge” from the smart speaker, Alexa, a voice assistant, found the dangerous game on the Internet and read it aloud.

Amazon immediately responded by saying that the so-called “the penny challenge”, which is unfortunately relatively widespread on the Internet, has immediately eliminated and is working to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. Specifically, when using a modern adapter and a standard socket, contact of the coin with drivers should not be possible, but who knows what other health or life-threatening “challenges” await on the Internet.

How would you react in the mother’s situation?

Zdroj: BBC, pixabay

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