Aldi Talk is celebrating its 15th birthday and has come up with a really great surprise for its prepaid customers. You will receive a great gift via the app that you can use up until January 6, 2021. GIGA has the details for you.

Aldi Talk is giving prepaid customers 15 GB of LTE data volume

This month there is a really big present from Aldi Talk. For its 15th birthday, the discounter is giving all Aldi-Talk customers 15 GB of LTE data volume, which can be booked immediately and used until January 6, 2021. So if you want to get in touch with your loved ones via the mobile phone over the holidays, since a personal meeting is impossible due to the current situation, you no longer have to worry about the data volume at Aldi Talk. You can then simply send more messages, photos and videos or just have a longer video call. The gift is booked via the Aldi Talk app:

Image source: Aldi Talk

So all you have to do is download the Aldi Talk app and register if you haven’t already. Go to “Book tariff options” and select the 15 GB gift. Then you get the 15 GB in addition to your data volume. This present is worth an impressive 15 euros. Aldi Talk really knocks you out. Of course, the data volume can be used without restrictions and in the LTE network. The gift is available in all Aldi Talk packages.

What you probably didn’t know about Aldi:

Aldi Talk extremely popular in Germany

Aldi Talk has been on the market for 15 years and is a force in Germany as a prepaid provider. If something changes in the tariffs, for example the data volume, then the competitors from Lidl, Penny, Rewe and Co. usually pull along. While in the past you had to go to Aldi to top up the credit, it is now very easy to use via the app. If you want, you can of course still go to Aldi and buy the credit there at the till. The 15 GB data volume is also available for new customers. So simply order an Aldi-Talk card with a starting credit of 10 euros and benefit from this promotion.