Aldi Talk is changing: the revolution in prepaid tariffs begins

Aldi Talk is one of the most popular prepaid tariffs in Germany. If the tariff of the discounter is upgraded, then all other providers usually follow. This is exactly what will happen on July 11, 2023. From then on there will not only be more data volume and speed, but also 5G. But the story has one downside.

Aldi Talk starts in the 5G network

Aldi Talk has gained access to o2’s 5G network faster than many expected. The mobile phone provider gave the go-ahead for its prepaid tariffs some time ago, and I had already suspected at the time that Aldi Talk could follow suit in the near future. That’s exactly what happens on July 11, 2023. Radio from this date Aldi Talk tariffs in the o2 5G network.

In keeping with this, Aldi Talk is also improving the tariffs somewhat. You get more data volume and can then come along 50 Mbit/s in download and 25 Mbit/s in upload. This does not fully exhaust the 5G network, but you simply get more speed in general, even if you are still on the 4G network. So all users of Aldi Talk win here.

These are the new 5G tariffs from Aldi Talk. (Image source: Aldi talk)

However, the positive development has one disadvantage. The price goes up a bit. The small S tariff with 4 GB for 7.99 euros is increasing 6 GB and 8.99 euros for four weeks. The meanwhile M tariff with 8 GB for 12.99 euros increases to 12 GB and 14.99 euros. The largest tariff with 16 GB for 17.99 euros increases to 20 GB and 19.99 euros.

That’s why you should cancel your mobile phone contracts now:

Competition will have to follow suit

Aldi Talk customers can now rejoice, because they can finally use the full potential of their smartphones. Many people already have a 5G-capable smartphone, but do not use the network at all because the tariffs have been so expensive up to now. The competition from Lidl and other prepaid providers is now facing a difficult time. Because the 5G accesses for prepaid providers have not yet been released there. Aldi Talk has achieved a really strong coup here. In any case, the competition will have to follow suit. The question will be how long that will take.

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