Aldi sells the perfect product for this on Monday

If you want to store cash and valuables in your apartment or house, you should think carefully about where you keep them. Aldi Süd will soon be selling a furniture safe that is well suited for this. But you should consider a few things before you lock your valuables there.

Aldi sells furniture safes from Burgwächter cheaper

Keeping cash and real valuables in the apartment or house is always a delicate matter. That’s why it’s important to know the right hiding places or to buy a safe. At Aldi Süd from January 16, 2023 the furniture safe ATR S3 E from Burgwaechter sold for only 39.99 euros (look at Aldi). This is an offer in the branches and does not apply to Aldi Nord. Other retailers such as Amazon charge more than 50 euros for this model (see Amazon).

The small furniture safe can be compared to models that you know from vacation. You can simply set a PIN and that Keep cash and valuables safe there. So that the furniture safe cannot simply be taken away, you should screw it on. With internal dimensions of 30.8 x 19.8 x 14 cm and a weight of around 4.6 kg, it is not very large and heavy. If you forget your PIN, you can also access the content with a key.

What you should know about Aldi, we tell you in the video:

Do not store too much in the furniture safe

Before you put all your assets and jewelry in such a furniture safe, you should find out from your home contents insurance how much the insurance will cover if you use such a safe. It’s usually not as much as you think. The furniture safe only represents a basic value protection, the doesn’t even have a protection class. This model is also not protected against fire. If you want real protection, you have to dig much deeper into your wallet.

Aldi’s model is really just a place of safekeeping from normal thieves. Real professionals can quickly open such a furniture safe without any problems.

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