Aldi is selling a medical device everyone should own next week

The discounter Aldi regularly has products on offer that are really worth buying if you don’t already have them. This is exactly what will happen again soon. Then a blood pressure monitor for the wrist is sold at a reasonable price.

Aldi sells blood pressure monitors for little money

From July 10, 2023, Aldi Nord will have a really important product Price of only 14.99 euros sold. It is a Wrist blood pressure monitor (look at Aldi Nord). You can create four profiles and keep an eye on the blood pressure history of four people. Each profile can store 60 values. This is a local offer that is only valid at Aldi Nord.

Aldi Nord sells this wrist blood pressure monitor for 14.99 euros (Image source: AMBIANO)

A blood pressure monitor should be available in every household. It’s not just important for older people who need to watch their blood pressure, but for anyone who regularly suffers from stress, poor diet or general malaise. Elevated blood pressure is a silent dangerbecause you only notice something when it’s already too late.

The price of 15 euros for Aldi’s wrist blood pressure monitor is absolutely fine. It certainly won’t measure as accurately as a doctor’s, but it can give clues if blood pressure is way too high. At Amazon you will find an alternative for 13 euros (look at Amazon), but most devices are significantly more expensive.

Sanitas 651.21 SBM 03 WHO wrist blood pressure monitor, 1 x 60 memory, from 14 to 19.50 cm

Sanitas 651.21 SBM 03 WHO wrist blood pressure monitor, 1 x 60 memory, from 14 to 19.50 cm

The price may be higher now. Price from 06/07/2023 01:48

You can also measure blood pressure with this Huawei smartwatch:

Blood pressure measurement extremely important

I have experienced first-hand how important regular blood pressure measurement is. It was only by chance that I noticed that my blood pressure was way too high and needed treatment. With the knowledge, I was able to change my diet, receive medical care and now live with normal blood pressure. I would never have expected that at my age. The few euros that such a blood pressure monitor costs are well invested. I personally use this model with a smartphone app, which is a bit more expensive (check it out on Amazon).

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