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Albe – Horse riding social network

Albe brings together all the players in the world of horse riding, riders, equestrian centers and professionals, within a single platform, and will allow you to share your passion. Whatever your profile, your level, your practice, Albe offers specific accounts and tools for each player to better meet their expectations.

– Your account will not just be yours but that of the couple you form with your horse.
– With a simple swipe of your finger, you can switch between the rider profile and the horse profile.
– Fill in information about your riding practice as well as your mount.
– To add a horse to your account, it does not have to be yours and can be the one you prefer in your equestrian center.
– Share your passion, your results in competitions via posts.
– Join the Club House of your equestrian center to be informed of its activities and events.

Equestrian centers:
– Thanks to an account designed especially for you, inform all your riders present in your club house about the life of the center via private events or make yourself known with public events accessible to all.
– Albe is for you a new communication tool for your structure. It promotes your activity locally and strengthens your relationship with your riders by facilitating the transmission of information.

– Whether you are a farrier, a saddler or even an equine photographer, you can more easily promote your know-how to a receptive and passionate public. Thus, this new tool gives you the advantage of reaching your customers more easily, making your services and products known to a large audience.

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